A place to feel inspired


How can we capture your attention in a few words? There is so much to say… but for now about this site. 

Just verve is intended to inspire and motivate us to become our best, encourage us to validate and appreciate who we are inside and expand on our own identity. The truth is many of us are struggling inside and are afraid to find help out of fear of being judged. This site advocates for empathy towards others and emphasizes on the need to embrace our experiences because it shapes who we are.

No matter what has gone on or is going on in your world, just remember that it’s not the end of the world. 


Just verve came about because so many of us feel aimlessly lost in the the journey to find ourselves, so many of us are lacking confidence, seeking  approval and inspiration from others. Sometimes, what inspires us is found in the rarest of forms; could be presented to us in the form of wise words by experienced and influential minds. 

Our writers like our readers come from many walks of life  … but most importantly we are here to help each other and in so doing help ourselves.

If you are looking for a ray of sunshine or simply need a dose of encouragement, then you area in the right place. This blog starts with my story … but I will be happy to share the stories of others with gifted minds.